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    The FAQ section is provided to answer some commonly asked questions.
    Please feel free to submit new questions to: info@yellowbrick.me

    What is Yellowbrick?

    Yellowbrick is a global community of parents, experts, and researchers who support and help each other on the parenting journey. At Yellowbrick’s core is the concept of utilizing crowdsourced knowledge to create cutting-edge educational technologies, which are then disseminated to a world-wide social network comprised of parents, experts, and researchers.

    Who founded Yellowbrick and why?

    After conducting several years of parenting research between 2012 and 2015, John Christensen, PhD and Matt Connell, EdD, MBA discovered that a large gap exists between the educational resources parents are seeking and the information they are actually able to access. Dr. Christensen and Dr. Connell founded Yellowbrick to fill this gap and to manifest a vision of a global community in which parents, experts, and researchers support and help each other on the parenting journey.

    What is the Forum?

    In the Forum, members meet each other, learn from each other, and help each other out. Members can share knowledge, advice, and parenting strategies in the Forum. They can also discuss personal parenting milestones, success stories, and challenges. Members always have free access to a growing database of helpful videos, articles, and other educational resources shared by the community. Forum discussions can be initiated by anyone and can comprise virtually every topic imaginable. Currently, the six most popular topics are education, relationships, money, parenting, technology/media, and health.

    What are Expert Posts?

    The Forum contains "Expert Posts" created by professionals such as pediatricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, professors, and scientific researchers. The Yellowbrick team carefully vets all experts and then personally invites them to publish their work on Yellowbrick. This ensures that parents are exposed to high-quality content on issues of common concern. Parents have access to topic overviews, fact sheets, clinical case studies, and research summaries. Additionally, online courses and webinars are provided with the goal of teaching parents the skills needed to manage parenting challenges.

    What are Expert Profiles?

    The Expert Profiles page contains a global directory of parenting experts who have demonstrated a commitment to Yellowbrick’s vision. Yellowbrick members use a map to browse local, national, and international affiliates. Members can “follow” their favorite experts and comment on their status updates. Experts can use Yellowbrick to grow their online presence and draw attention to their areas of expertise.

    How do I become a Yellowbrick Expert?

    If you would like to join the Yellowbrick community as an expert, complete the following steps: (1) sign up for a free user account, (2) log in to your account, (3) go to the Expert Profiles page, and (4) click on "Apply for Free Listing". Or you can email your request to: info@yellowbrick.me

    What is the Yellowbrick Social Hub?

    The Social Hub helps members stay up to date with late-breaking parenting news, research, and advice. The customizable Social Hub displays status updates, tweets, and other social media posts from parenting experts and educational resources such as the National Institutes of Health, or any other resource a parent chooses to follow. We are currently offering the Social Hub to our members for free. Please email info@yellowbrick.me and let us know your username. We will then turn on the feature and send you an email confirmation.

    Where do I see the Social Hub feeds?

    You can view all 15 of your feeds by going to “My Account” and then clicking on “Social Hub”. You will also see a scrolling side bar on many pages with the most recent feeds from your Social Hub.

    How can I get in touch with the Yellowbrick staff?

    We would love to hear from you. Feel free to send an email to: info@yellowbrick.me