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Many of our young people are spending and borrowing without knowing that interest builds up, or that credit cards aren’t free money. Patrina Dixon, Certified Financial Education Instructor and rising author of top-selling financial guided series, “It’$ My Money” has made it her mission to change that. Dixon is committed to educating the youth in her community. She led the Hartford’s Financially Fit community event and is enthusiastic about her role as a personal finance volunteer for Junior Achievement. Patrina Dixon has helped participants of all ages shape their spending and saving behaviors – to guide them toward financial wellness.

Through her education received at the University of Hartford Barney School of Business, as a proud mom and a life-long financial advisor – she understands and thrives at teaching the importance of financial literacy. Dixon also currently holds a Financial Management Certificate from Cornell University and uses her company, P. Dixon Consulting to offer money management strategies to people of all ages. She is dedicated to molding the next set of financial leaders. It’$ My Money journal series allows Patrina to educate and enlighten families on their finances.