5 Tips to Prevent Your Child From Being Bullied

With the beginning of school on the minds of many parents and students, thoughts are turning to colorful backpacks, the dread of homework, and what-boring-stuff-will-dad-put-in-my-lunch-this year. School can be a fun time of planning, excitement, and new friends…but it can also be a difficult and scary time for kids — especially if bullying is involved.

Many children are victims of bullying. And bullying doesn’t seem to have boundaries of age, gender, or culture. It’s important for parents to step in and do everything they can to ensure that bullying does not occur. But most people are unaware of how to stop or prevent bullying.

That’s why Yellowbrick.me put together this helpful guide for parents.

There are many different reasons why kids bully others, and bullying cases can vary in severity. No matter how severe bullying is, it is never acceptable and should be handled quickly. If you think your child is at a risk for being bullied, there are things you can do to prevent bullying. It is easier to prevent bullying than to stop it once it has started so keep the following tips in mind to prevent it before it starts.

Up The Supervision:

Bullying often happens in unsupervised areas so it’s helpful to advise kids to avoid being alone in hallways, at recess, and in other areas of the school. Encourage your child to meet and associate with quality friends since bullies are more likely to target children that are alone.

Teach Them How to Walk Away:

Another way to prevent bullying is to advise your child to walk away from social situations where a bully is present. Many times ignoring bullying attempts is the best way to prevent it from happening as most bullies may be just trying to get a reaction out of the children they pick on.

Confidence is Key:

Teaching kids to act confidently is a good way to prevent bullying and a good way to boost that confidence is to involve your child in activities that enhance self-esteem and self-efficacy. Kids who appear confident, and can assert themselves when confronted by a bully, are less likely to be picked on repeatedly. Any enjoyable activity that your child excels at will help to make them more confident and able to stand up for themselves. If your child learns how to respond to a bully and develops a good self-image, it will be easier for them to deflect harassment that has gone beyond light-hearted teasing. It’s also incredibly important to let your youngsters know that, if they are the target of a bully, it is not their fault.

Get Them to Tell an Adult:

Let them also know that this type of behavior is never acceptable and they need to seek help from an adult if they feel pressured, victimized, or bullied.  Many children are hesitant to turn to adults for help, but telling an adult right away is the best way to prevent bullying in the future.

Model Good Behavior:

Perhaps most importantly, you need to set a good example. It is your job to model appropriate behaviors and conduct yourself in a manner that you are proud of. It is amazing how easily kids pick up their parents’ bad habits. Be more aware of your own behavior when interacting with other people – especially if your kids are watching. They want to grow up to be like you more than they will admit.

The Yellowbrick.me community want to know how YOU help your child deal with bullies. Any good tips?

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