Explaining the concept of “Equal Pay” to children

Your children were once very young and innocent, but time has gone by and they are starting to grow up. You will find that your children will have many questions for you as they get older, and the answers that you have to give will not always be easy. There will be times when you do not know what to tell your children, and there will be times when you hate to give them the answer that you know that you have to give them. It is important for you to be prepared when your children ask you questions about equal pay.


When your child asks you why one individual is being paid more than another individual, when both workers are doing the same job, you need to be ready to discuss things with them. It is important that you listen to all that your child has to say about issues of equal pay before you try to discuss things with them. Make sure that they are given the chance to share their beliefs and to tell you what they know about the issue. When your child has had a chance to thoroughly explain all that they know about things, then you will be able to step in and address their concerns.


As you are discussing equal pay with your child, make sure that they know that those who treat some individuals better than others are the minority. Make sure that your child knows that while there are some who are unjust, there are many more who are just. Talk to your child about the good around you, but then be willing to answer the tough questions, too. Let your child know that some individuals are confused or greedy, and that they are unfair because of that. Make sure that your child knows that equal pay is fair for everyone.

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