Surviving the Summer with Kids

The countdown has begun, and we are down to days, now, until the begin of summer! Teachers and students are walking around with an extra bounce in their step while parents everywhere have slumped in the recliner…enjoying the last of their freedom. Three months of “I’m bored,” and “what are we gonna do today?” Take heart parents- here are some tips to help you survive the next three months.

  • Don’t give up a schedule. It is tempting to throw away the time constraints for the summer and forego bedtimes and up before noon sleep ins. The not having a schedule will lead to boredom quicker than almost anything else. Have a cutoff time for going to sleep and waking up. Keep meal times consistent. Plan some rest time during the day, for younger ones, and a quiet time for teenagers. You can relax the structure from the school year but providing some parameters will help protect everyone’s sanity.
  • Indulge in your child’s hobbies. Summer is the ideal time to pursue some of those wish list activities that you don’t have time for in the summer. Let them learn to paint or do yoga. Most communities have inexpensive classes for you and your child to do together. Or do the one-time crazy thing together like a long horseback ride or tubing down a river. Plan one unusual activity per week it will give them something to look forward to.
  • Take advantage of the local library and the museum. Many places have summer reading clubs (with cool prizes) for them to participate in. Google your town or a nearby city to find free and inexpensive things to see and do.
  • Don’t face the summer alone. Find other families in your neighborhood who have kids. Network and take turns. Sleepovers can alternate, providing you with a stolen night alone! You can make a new mom or dad friend who will be supported during the summer months.

So, sit up and start planning. There are resources at your fingertips and take heart…parents have survived summers since kids were invented!

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For local stuff to do, you can’t beat the site! Tons and tons of local stuff to do right in your local area. I’m the local Managing Editor for CT’s Farmington Valley/West Hartford area and I love connecting local families with all the best kid-friendly events and activities in the area, and it helps local businesses get attention as well. A win-win for everyone.

SarahC Parent Contributor Commented on June 9, 2016.
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thanks for the info

dadlife Parent Contributor Commented on June 13, 2016.
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