“Technology and Children 0-11: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown” with Parenting Expert Dr. Rosina

If you’ve been hearing about the many potential harms of technology for kids, as a concerned parent, you might be feeling unsure or even worried about the negative effect it’s having on your children.


Kids are exposed to technology everywhere: all day, every day at home, at school there are phones, tablets, computers, TV’s… basically it’s embedded in all aspects of life.


And, being connected to friends and playing fun games on technology is simply awesome! It’s no wonder our children want to be part of the revolution.


Can you imagine a day without your phone, tablet or computer?


For almost a decade, Dr Rosina has shared her insights into the research on child development by helping parents successfully navigate the day-to-day challenges of parenting with simple, relatable and practical parenting tips.


Dr. Rosina’s new video course “Technology and Children 0-11: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown” is your opportunity to learn valuable strategies and resources to improve your parenting skills today!

Learn From Dr. Rosina. Take the “Technology and Children 0-11: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown” from Yellowbrick.me and Win Win Parenting.


Perhaps you’re worried about how much technology is good for kids, or whether certain games are harmful to your children or you’re concerned that will they fall behind or miss out if they’re not playing the latest game or being part of the latest online craze!


And what about the day-to-day management of technology. Do you find it hard to get your children off the iPad or computer?


Do your kids have worrying behaviours like being aggressive if asked to get off technology or out-of-control crying and screaming for screen time?


If so, perhaps you need HELP, and you’re not alone… Many parents struggle with knowing how to navigate technology and to ensure their children’s wellbeing.


Did you know that technology addiction is now considered by some experts to be a psychological disorder?


Basically, a growing number of children are experiencing the many harms of too much technology and so parents need help to keep their children safe.


So what can worried parents do?


For only $9.95 you have access to Dr Rosina’s Video Tutorial on Technology and children relating to children 0-11 years old.


This 45 minute video will equip you as a parent to better support and help protect your child.

Now with Dr Rosina, Australia’s leading parenting expert, you can learn good information and practical strategies that are key for confident parenting, and that’s what you’ll get by watching this video by parenting expert Dr Rosina McAlpine.


You’ll learn about the:


‌• Recommended guidelines for technology use by children 0-11 years.
‌• Many harms of excessive or incorrect technology use (physical, social and psychological).
‌• Strategies to minimise the harms and maximise the benefits of technology.
‌• Education and awareness as a parent, so you can make the most of technology for all members of your family.


Knowing the latest research findings on how much is safe for children and how much can have negative side effects, where to get help to find the right kinds of games.


And how to effectively manage a home situation if it is already out of control, empowers you with the knowledge and the tools to make good decisions for your family and help your children navigate the world safely.




Dr Rosina’s approach to parenting is all about helping you to connect with your children so you can teach them how to be in the world and create more loving relationships and a peaceful home.


That’s why Win Win Parenting is a Win for parents and a Win for kids.


About Dr Rosina McAlpine

Dr Rosina McAlpine, developed Win Win Parenting as a busy working mother. Rosina is an internationally recognised educator and researcher with five teaching awards and five best paper awards. She holds a Masters of Higher Education and education-focussed PhD. Her research interests include education theory, curriculum development, assessment, gender equality, work–life balance and parenting.


Rosina began her journey into parenting and child development over 9 years ago when she was confronted with important parenting decisions and was given extremely conflicting advice. Simply wanting to be the best parent she could be for her child, as a researcher, she decided to find evidence-based parenting practices. Concerned with the lack of research-based parenting books and hence sound information for parents worldwide, Rosina has been interviewing experts and engaging with the latest research from a range of disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, education and epigenetics.


Integrating the knowledge, her practical experience and the skills she’s acquired over many years of working in this area, Rosina has developed practical and innovative approaches to parenting, including programs that empower parents to help their children develop key life skills like good self-esteem, communication skills and resilience. As a busy working mum herself, Rosina has edited and authored several parenting and child development books for modern-day busy families.



Source: This article is presented in partnership with Win Win Parenting and Technology and children 0-11. The good, the bad and the unknown is used by permission.

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