Teen Drug Use: Be Prepared, and Know What to Do

Teen Drug Use

Sadly, drug abuse is a widespread issue and one that often manifests in our former years.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say as “It’s only a matter of time” before you catch your kid using (this includes alcohol and tobacco).  However, I would say to expect the unexpected when your kids hit their teenage years.  This is when their social spheres begin to intensify, with different social groups coming together and expanding. Similarly, college offers your kid independence and freedom to experiment.  Herein lies another avenue for drugs to enter your teen’s life.

Teen drug use isn’t a singular event.  It is a continuous, expanding, and morphing reality that will always exist, or so as long as humans remain curious.  It’s a natural stage of life, and so you should prepare yourself should you find your kid becomes involved with drugs.  Teen drug use is no laughing matter, and the family turmoil it causes can be very trying.  If you’re experiencing teen drug use, then know this: you’re not alone.

Don’t Push It

It’s important to handle the “intervention” properly.  Come down too hard on your kid and you can cause a rift in your relationship that will be difficult to heal.  Don’t come down hard enough and they might not be dissuaded from use.  It’s key here to not jump down their throat as soon as you find out they’re using.  Teen drug use shouldn’t be handled alone – the first thing you should do is consult your significant other, or another knowledgeable adult.  Find some support in dealing with the issue.  Look for friends that have dealt with something similar, or contact a therapist or psychologist.  This is a tender issue and important part of your life, as well your kid’s life – handle it with love!  You can also use resources like drugfree.org or rehab4alcoholism to  help you figure out how to proceed.  Remember, experimentation is a natural part of growing up; handle it right, and both you and your teen will grow from the experience.

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