Teenager is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Should I intervene?

16 year old has always tended to have questionable friends. But now I am worried because one just stole a car and some money from someone else in our town. Things have got to change. I know if I tell her she can’t hang out with this group that she will rebel. Should I say something to her?

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This is difficult.  As you say, telling her will likely push her to hang out with them even more.  Is it possible to have a talk with her and tell her you are worried about the choices they are making and the effects it could have on her life?

Matt Yellowbrick Staff Commented on August 26, 2015.
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Maybe finding the right time to ask her how she feels when she hears about kids her age doing things like stealing… probably you would need some mellow time with her to have her open up.

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