The importance of playing sports as a child

Many children don’t join a team when they are little, so by the time they are in high school they miss out on a lot of things that could have been learned earlier. They may not even want to join a team in high school as they could feel intimidated by not knowing how to play or be a part of the team. In my opinion, there are many reason why playing sports as a child is important.


Kids need to play sports, especially when they are younger so that they can understand that they can be a part of something special. Helping out a team, even in a small way goes a long way to boost confidence. It also helps them be able to communicate with others, not be afraid to speak up, and helps them make friends easier. Sports teach a lot of skills, and not just the skills needed to play the sport itself. Sure learning to hold a bat or how to kick a ball is a good skill to learn, but the more important skills are learned by being a part of the team itself.


When a child puts on the uniform that signifies them as a member of that team it boosts their confidence and also builds a little bit of pride within them. They try harder to succeed because it helps the entire team and makes them look better. Adults don’t always understand the concept, especially when they are working but kids pick up on it real fast when they are playing sports.

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