Why I love being a father

Although I am now a father of two beautiful daughters, it was becoming a father for the first time which was a truly life-changing moment for me. Becoming a father certainly opened my eyes to the world and it instantly changed my whole outlook on life.


It’s also true that I couldn’t have asked for anything better at the time. Suddenly, I found myself able to understand how much love my own parents had shown me when I was younger and how much they had cared for me as a child, even though it may not have seemed like it at the time. Becoming a father made me see life in a different light.


I had been quite troublesome as a youngster and made just about every bad decision that could possibly be made. I wasn’t very responsible. I went through some horrendous experiences as a result, experiences which I would never wish on my own children in a million years. However, after becoming a father, I suddenly knew exactly how my own parents must have felt when going through those experiences with me and I suddenly understood how it felt to care for your own child in such a way.


For the first time in my life, I felt an overwhelming sense of not just responsibility but also of great importance. My partner and I had brought a beautiful and innocent young being into this world who we would care for, comfort, love and protect for the rest of our lives. Not only was it a beautiful experience but it also gave me a very real and very valid reason for being here, a reason for existing in this world and a deep understanding of unconditional love.


I can truly say that I love being a father because it is my two daughters who keep me going, it’s them who I am here for. It’s them who give me strength to make it through each day, it’s them who keep me sane and it’s them who keep me battling on through life. It is my children who make life important and being a father has taught me the sense of self-responsibility which I never would have attained had they not been born.


If they hadn’t coming into the world when they did, I cannot even begin to imagine how my life would have unfolded without that sense of responsibility that they have given me, without the love they have shown me and that is why I love being a father.

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