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Yellowbrick Improves Social Responsibility

We are living in an increasingly interdependent world, and successful groups are an important part of the fabric – including families, teams, and organizations. At Yellowbrick, we believe that groups achieve greater productivity and are more satisfied when they make clear and conscious decisions about their Purpose and the Beliefs, Values, and Principles that are important to them.

Our mission is to help groups and organizations:

  • identify their Purpose, Beliefs, Values, and Principles; and
  • develop concrete strategies to operate more productively and with greater satisfaction.

Yellowbrick’s breakthrough research has shown that individuals, groups, and organizations are similar, in that we act based on:

  • WHO we are;
  • WHY we believe that we matter in the world; and
  • HOW our attitudes and behaviors affect us and those around us.

Yellowbrick has found that groups and organizations succeed based on their Organizational Culture, much as individual success has been tied to psychological concepts such as emotional intelligence. Yellowbrick has determined that individuals within a group or organization are more productive and satisfied when they act with purpose – based on WHO they are, WHY they matter, and HOW they act in the world. Similarly, groups and organizations are more successful when members are aligned with their Organizational Culture.

Yellowbrick is prepared to help your group or organization find solutions to immediate challenges and develop a plan that will set you on a path to achieving success in today’s complex world.

If you are interested in how Yellowbrick can help your organization, please contact us to learn more.

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