Thoughts on child discipline

Today I was thinking about how my wife and I have been interacting with our two kids - one a five year old boy, and the other a seven year old girl.  My son gravitates towards me a bit more than my wife, and the opposite goes for my daughter.  I feel that this is [...]

Inspiring Video about Disciplining your Teens

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOzjcDrkIG4           This man speaks the truth about parenting and discipline.  He really knows his stuff.  A seriously inspiring little video about how to treat your kids.  He seems to come from a religious background, but regardless of your religious views, his words remain true.  Respect and dignity!

Dear daddy i will be called a whore

Please watch: As a father of a boy and a girl this video broke my heart and made me cry. The reasons for my tears are numerous: 1) Did I treat girls this way as a young and stupid boy? 2) Was I one of the boys that said things to them that objectified them? 3) [...]