The joys of cooking with your kids- can you say science project?

The joy of cooking with your children in the kitchen. It can be awesome-- particularly if you are set up for it. We have a learning tower in our home that we drag to our kitchen counter (a platform, essentially, where they little one can reach the kitchen counter or other surface to work safely-- [...]

The Long Shadow of Childhood Hunger

An excellent article about how childhood hunger impacts not only a child's short-term health but their long term development as well. http://civileats.com/2015/11/12/the-long-shadow-of-childhood-hunger-food-insecurity-children/ Do the effects of hunger as described in this article ring true for you?  Let's discuss.

3Squares Outreach in Vermont – 62% Households w/Children

I'm doing some research into how states conduct food stamp outreach and I came across this article from the Vermont Foodbank's blog: http://www.vermontfoodbankblog.com/2015/09/back-to-school-3squaresvt.html The number of households with children is incredible.  How does this compare to your state?

AMA (Ask My Advice)

Let's try something new, here!  I am a high school teacher of 16 years.  Full disclosure: I have taught every grade from 6-12, but have been teaching English in grades 8-12 for the last 10 years.  For the next week, I will be answering your questions about anything and everything education...I will try to respond [...]