The Importance of Paternity Leave: Zuckerberg to take 2 months

Just Awesome: Mark Zuckerberg announces he will take 2 months off to be at home with his wife and daughter upon her arrival. As a company Facebook offers dads up to 4 months off during the first year. From all of us at Yellowbrick.me we really commend Facebook for providing such a robust amount of [...]

The Refugee crisis: Helping families and children

Must read this article shows the devastating reality of the world wide refugee crisis. It also links to some excellent agencies that are trying help the situation. While I understand the fear that surrounds the issue of allowing refugees across the border; what if there are terrorists among those that come in?  I believe that America [...]

How much sex does it take to make a happy relationship

Read here. This article try's to explain how much sex is needed per week to keep a relationship happy.  I believe that there is a comprise that both partners need to be happy with and feel satisfied with. Not sure if you can quantify this broadly, i am sure this number differs for everyone greatly. [...]

Tina Turner chanting for peace

Check out this amazing chant for peace by Tina Turner. I'm not sure if star struck is the best way to describe me when I come upon something special done by a celebrity, but it always strikes me as interesting and impressive. This is really beautiful! http://www.superstarmusic.com/watch-this-beautiful-peace-mantra-sung-by-tina-turner-will-put-you-into-a-trance/

The Crayon Initiative

Check this out: I just learned about the Crayon Initiative and am super impressed with their mission. I always wondered what happened to the crayons at restaurants. I am so glad Bryan Ware figured this out. Please join me in supporting this awesome cause

Child Hunger in America

Please read  this article with statistics from FeedingAmerica.Org on child hunger in America. It is certainly  eye opening. As a community lets help Feeding America with their mission of ending hunger in America

The world today

With the events that just transpired in Paris over the weekend and around the world in general i find myself trying to figure out how to keep my family safe while at the same time, not allowing "fear" to control me.   I found myself wondering about sending my kids to a movie without me, [...]

When Did Parents Get So Scared?

Many of us reminisce about our own childhoods, when we would spend countless hours running around and playing outside, without so much as a thought about all the terrible things that could happen. Recently, I've been hearing things like "the world just isn't safe anymore" and "there's so much more that can go wrong now," [...]