Your Children and the News

When I was very young, The News on television was 15 minutes long. It consisted of one very serious grownup reporting a 10-minute summary of the day’s events, some sports scores, and 5 minutes of a more jovial guy predicting the next day’s weather. There were some photographs and a few short films but it [...]

The Social Hub – Yellowbrick.me

We created the Yellowbrick Social Hub to help you stay up to date with late-breaking parenting news, research, and advice. Your customizable Social Hub displays Facebook updates, Twitter posts, and other status updates from all of your favorite social media influencers.   In addition to following parenting experts, you can also add other types of [...]

Instructions for Yellowbrick Experts

  What is Yellowbrick? Yellowbrick is an educational website focused on parenting. Our mission is to educate parents by providing access to reliable information, evidence-based strategies, and expert advice. We publish online courses and articles from experts in all areas related to parenting and family life.   Option 1: Online Courses An online course consists [...]

Praising children when they do the right thing

Went out last night with the kids and watched as my young son did a perfect job ordering his meal.  He was forthcoming with pleases and thank you's and very polite throughout the process. When we got home, I made sure to compliment him on his manners. Do others agree that it is good to [...]

Ending the year on a high note…

We all know how quickly time passes and as the holiday celebrations come to a close, its a good time to set our intentions for the New Year. Staying healthy during the winter season is commonly on everyone's list. Winter is that time of year when the flu and colds tend to circulate. Prevention is [...]