SIDS spikes on New Year’s Day

Not a happy holiday thought, but an important one: The number of babies who die of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, surges by 33 percent on New Year's Day. The suspected reason? Alcohol consumption by caretakers the night before.   Led by sociologist David Phillips of the University of California, San Diego, the study [...]

How to make your New Year’s resolution last one year, not one month

Chances are that if you made a New Year's resolution, you've already failed. Only about 8 percent of Americans achieve their goal, according to research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology. But there is still hope -- a few simple steps can get you through the year, says a Kansas State University kinesiologist.   One of [...]

To bolster a new year’s resolution, ask, don’t tell

"Will you exercise this year?" That simple question can be a game-changing technique for people who want to influence their own or others' behavior, according to a recent study spanning 40 years of research.   The research is the first comprehensive look at more than 100 studies examining the 'question-behavior effect,' a phenomenon in which [...]

5 Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Thinking about letting the kids stay up and watch the ball drop into the new year? Forget the adult only parties - with these fun New Year's Eve ideas for kids you can be sure that parents and children alike will be able to ring in the new year in style! Here are some of my favorite ideas [...]

Planting the seeds for a healthy new year…

As we move into the new year of creating health, strategies can be helpful on this journey. Eating vegetables at least 2 meals per day is a great start. Avoiding veggies that come in a can; choosing fresh or frozen is optimal for the best nutrition. A great target is 2 servings at lunch and 2 servings [...]

What’s the most important quality you plan to teach your child in 2017?

With 2016 (finally) behind us, it's time to start getting serious about raising kids with character. In your opinion, what's most important? [wpolling width=" height=" id="15" vote="true" type="open" order_by="ASC"]   http://yellowbrick.me/question/is-it-ever-appropriate-for-parents-to-post-photos-of-their-children-on-social-media/ http://yellowbrick.me/question/should-drugs-be-administered-for-pain-during-childbirth/ http://yellowbrick.me/question/how-knowledgeable-are-you-when-it-comes-to-online-safety/ http://yellowbrick.me/question/should-parents-circumcise-newborn-boys/ http://yellowbrick.me/question/is-it-appropriate-to-breastfeed-your-baby-in-public/

Teaching Your Children About Compassion

We all want our kids to learn to be compassionate. Some younger children may have a harder time understanding this but there are a few ways to show them all about compassion. Our kids watch us all the time. You may not think they are watching but they are and they will do what we do. [...]

Divorce does not spell doom at Christmas

While it may be assumed that 'peace and goodwill' are out of the question for divorced or separated parents at Christmas, new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) suggests that parents should not despair.   The study shows that, over time, festivities replace hostilities for the vast majority of families. Researcher, [...]