Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child?

Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child? Private tutoring is hugely beneficial especially in the academic development of a child. However, its importance is not recognized by many parents. Studies show that tutoring can boost the grade of a child by more than one and a half grades. What [...]

7 tips to help your kids’ homework routine run more smoothly

7 tips to help your kids’ homework routine run more smoothly 1) Get a routine and do your best to stick to it. Choose a specific time and place for homework. Maintaining consistency throughout the school year will encourage healthy work habits. 2) Get another adult to help occupy the [...]

When you Just Can’t Breastfeed…

As a new mother I wanted nothing more than to provide for my baby. I'm sure that other mothers and fathers can agree that being able to support your baby and give them what they need is immensely satisfying. Being there for your baby and helping them grow into a child, then a toddler, and [...]

How Becoming a Parent Changes Your Relationships

I've been thinking a lot lately about how my relationships have changed ever since my husband and I had our first baby, Claire.  I'm not just talking about my relationship with my spouse, but with my other family members and friends as well. For the first week or so after Claire's birth, we had visitors [...]

Reality TV Stars Making a Difference as Parents

So I just read an interesting article about celebrity dads in South Korea. When I first saw the post all I thought was..."really?"  I mean, when I think of reality TV I think of: The Real World, Survivor, or the objectifying ones with a bunch of women lined up infront of a man for his [...]

Pushing daughter to participate in sports year-round?

My middle school aged daughter is extremely active on her own (swimming, bike riding, etc.) and she participates in one team sport, lacrosse, through her school.  Lately she's talked about not wanting to pursue other sports opportunities which she was interested in in the past.  Should we push her to keep going or should we [...]

How to Deal with a Crying Baby

Blog post about dealing with crying babies: Yellowbrick.me collaborates with various experts from numerous fields to provide the community with quality advice, information and valuable resources.  We hope that this information will incite parents around the world to participate in discussion.

Great Books for You and Your Kids

Another round of great book recommendations by our Friend Marylynne of Classcrashers.  Hats off to Marylynne for consistently great recommendations! Here's some links to her recommendations should they peak your interest: Finding Winnie Trombone Shorty Waiting Our personal favorite is Finding Winnie .