Tips for Stress-Free Potty Training

Watching my two-year old dance through the house, I can't help but feel proud - and relieved - at how painless potty training was with her. The youngest of five children, each of them brought new challenges as they exerted their own personalities and preferences when it came time to being a "big boy" or [...]

Choosing the perfect pediatrician is easy

Choosing the perfect pediatrician for your child can seem just like any other parenting activity. However, to do it right, there are certain considerations you should have in mind. Before I start on the selection process, it is good to define who a pediatrician is. This is a medical doctor who has received specialized training [...]

Toddler Language Development: Hand-Mouth Coordination

The word for left-handed in Latin is sinistra, which translates to English as "sinister." Romans, among other ancient cultures, believed that being left-handed was a mark of evil. Those who preferred their left hand weren't trusted and often had to hide their natural preference. Thankfully, modern day lefties don't (or certainly shouldn't) experience this kind of [...]

Thumb Sucking Research: How Old is Too Old?

Thumb sucking has long been a focus of clinical study. Early psychoanalysts posed a relationship between thumb sucking and later masturbatory behavior, linked by underlying psychopathology. However, time hasn't proved this belief, and with little evidence to support this idea clinicians and researchers now believe it's more appropriate to classify it as a simple habit instead [...]

How to hold a baby

Inexperienced parents may be concerned about how to hold a baby. It's natural to worry about injuring or dropping an infant, but you'll want your baby to feel your confidence instead of your concern. Before you do anything, relax.   How to Hold a Baby   A newborn baby's head will be wobbly and need [...]

Dealing with the Stress of a New Baby

The first month after having a new baby is one of the most difficult time periods you will ever go through as a parent. Effectively dealing with the stress of a new baby is essential. Forget about sleep, forget about quiet, forget about having a moment to sit by yourself with your arms and lap [...]

6 Tips for Shopping with a Baby

Taking your baby out shopping doesn't have to be scary. For a stress-free shopping experience, check out my tips for shopping with a baby.   1. Make the trip as short as possible Be organized! Write a list so you know exactly what you need and how much of it. This makes sure you are [...]

Do your best, hope for the best

The title of this piece may be the most powerful and succinct parenting advice that I have ever heard and it came from my own mother.  And it wasn't directed at me (for a change).  I don't have to ask her for advice; she gives it freely and without solicitation!  It is usually correct, but some days [...]

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Planning how long you will be away from your job is just one matter involved in your maternity leave. The other is planning how you will return: who will watch your baby, how you will fit back into the work routine again and more. This short guide will help you feel more comfortable returning to [...]

What is Circumcision: The Risks and Benefits

One of the first decisions you will have to make after having a baby boy is if you want to have him circumcised or not. This is just one decision out of many, but it is one that you should be well educated on before making the decision. Often times, your doctor will expect that [...]