Choosing a Good Babysitter

Choosing a good babysitter can be challenging. Almost every parent out there is very cautious and careful about who they allow to babysit their child whenever they are working or just going out for an evening. It isn't in a parent’s nature to just walk out the door while leaving their child, or children, with [...]

Never Leave Your Baby Alone in the Car

Leaving your baby alone in the car may be convenient, but it's never a good idea. There are several reasons you may not have considered. Here are some of them:   The Temperature of The Car Your baby is more sensitive than you are to extremes of hot or cold. A standing car can quickly [...]

Keeping a Baby Safe Around a Dog

People often think of their dog as their child. When a couple is having a baby they may be a little nervous if their dog is going to accept the baby. Here are some tips to keeping your baby safe around a dog.   Before the baby arrives, a couple should try to prepare their [...]

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Name

The name you give to your baby will last a lifetime, and has the potential to affect his or her self-image. It's important to give some thought to the name you will choose. Here is my personal advice for parents who are trying to choose the perfect baby name.   A Memorable Name Your baby's [...]

How to Bathe a Baby

After your baby has been home for a few weeks and the umbilical cord has fallen off, your baby is ready for his or her first full bath! This is a daunting task for new parents, I know it was for me... Thank goodness my mom was there to show me the ropes. One thing to keep in [...]

The Zika Virus and Pregnancy

Pregnant women, or those who could become pregnant risk their unborn children contracting the Zika virus. This may cause some serious birth defects including microcephaly. So it's important to know the facts about the Zika virus and pregnancy.   Zika is, as of now, a major source of concern globally. It's an infection that is [...]

What to do when your baby has a cold

When your little baby suffers from a cold, you want to help. Unfortunately, even with the best love and care your darling will fall sick occasionally. It happens. So I am here to help you and your baby deal with their cold so they are feeling better as soon as possible.   What to do [...]

How To Get A Baby To Fall Asleep

Many new parents are always continuously concerned about their sweet baby. They frantically try to make sure that they are doing everything the right way, and making their new addition to the house feel as comfortable as they possibly can. One of the biggest areas that many parents are concerned about, is figuring out the [...]