My Advice for Stepparents

There is a lot of negativity associated with being a stepparent. However, most stepparents want what is best for the children and to be accepted as part of the family. Here is some advice for stepparents to help them connect with the child.   Give Them Time When a parent gets remarried this ends the [...]

A Cheating Spouse Affects the Whole Family

If you have ever been forced to deal with the pain of having a cheating spouse, you know that this can easily be something that you wonder if you will ever recover from. It is bad enough when spouse cheats when it is just the two of you. When children are involved, it takes things [...]

Learning disabilities: Every child learns in their own way

Parents of children with learning disabilities might have a little more stress than those without. But no matter what the learning disability may be, children will learn at a pace that suits them. When it comes to the child however it can be more stress and frustration on them then it is on the parents [...]

Advice for Single Parents

Parenting alone can be a big responsibility. A single parent needs to be able to provide financially and emotionally for their child without the assistance of others. Here is some advice for single parents to make the impossible seem more plausible.   Find Role Models There are plenty of people who were raised by single [...]

How to get your teenager to eat healthy

Want to know how to get your teenager to eat healthy foods?  If you have concerns, and want to ensure your child is receiving the right information, use these helpful tips.   Get them involved   Instead of nagging your teen to eat their veggies, ask them to take part in the meal planning process. [...]

The Sex Talk: Advice for Parents

The biggest fear many parents have is watching their child’s life become altered by having a child of their own. There are so many different things that go through a parent’s mind like “What did I do wrong?” or “How could I prevent this?” The sad reality is that many teens want to experiment and [...]

Talking to your child about drugs

How do you talk to your child about drugs? This is a question that almost every parent has asked themselves. The truth is, most of them are really not that sure how to talk to their children about the importance of avoiding drugs. In most cases, it comes off sounding more like a lecture than [...]

Risky Sex: Communication Tips for Parents

You already know that as a parent, you will have to deal with things like teens and sex. How do you talk to your teen about the dangers of engaging in risky sex? There are only two certainties when it comes to this topic. The first is that this is not going to be the [...]

Cyberbullying Advice for Parents

With access to the internet in so many forms, it can be easy for teens to get caught up in dramatic situations online. Here is some great cyberbullying advice for parents.   Nowadays, teens have access to smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices, making it easy for them to either participate in or be a victim [...]