How to Process When Your Spouse Cheats

There are various reasons for which a spouse may feel inclined to make the tumultuous decision to cheat. It is a difficult situation to face, but know that it is not impossible.   There are many emotions that you will experience at this time. When I found out my husband of five years cheated on [...]

When you are a bad parent

When I was pregnant with my third child I had a 2 year old and 3 year old to keep up with as well. Both were boys and the third little one was to be a boy as well. Pregnancy is a joy but everyone knows how it takes a toll on your body.   [...]

How Yelling Made Me Feel Like a Bad Parent

We have all been there. We come home from work or spend all day picking up after the kids, and then the chaos begins. The kids come storming in, backpacks dropped on the floor, complaining they are starving and protesting that of course they do not have homework. Can I take a break now?   [...]

My Cheating Spouse: Not All Bad

When I was in my early 20's, I was a far less confident woman than I am now. I did what many people do when they feel as I did at that age. I settled for a person that made me miserable just so I would not be alone and chose my friends according to [...]

One of the times I was a bad mom

When my son was just 2 months old, I had a moment of bad parenting that left me horrified, ashamed and guilt-ridden by my own actions. I had brought him out to a friend’s birthday luncheon. The ladies clamored to see, hold and cuddle my handsome little newborn. As he tired from the excitement, I [...]

Being a First Time Mom

I have only been a mom for 10 months now, but I've babysat countless children and babies for almost my whole life. I considered myself fairly well experienced, practiced, and prepared for all the trials and struggles that being a mother would bring.   I was right and wrong.   I was definitely practiced and [...]

Marrying Young – My Story

The first time I got married, I was very young. I graduated high school in May, turned 19 in June, and was married in August to my high school sweetheart of two years. My parents and grandparents all had similar love stories, all had been married most of their lives, and consequently, no one thought [...]

Dealing with Loss of Libido

Loss of libido can be difficult for both partners in a relationship. While sex isn't everything, it’s a very big part of feeling closeness and intimacy with your partner. Loss of libido can be something a man or a woman suffers from. It can be caused by certain medications, depression, child birth, emotions, menopause, or [...]

What Parents Should Know About Snapchat

With all the social networks that exist this day and age, kids can keep in almost constant contact. With the use of all the modern devices and more frequent availability, kids never have to leave their friends. This is true with the "Snapchat" app.   Snapchat, is an app that allows anyone to take pictures [...]

Facts About Genetic Counseling

The term genetic counseling sounds more science fiction than science for many, but the reality is far more pragmatic. This service is most commonly used by couples seeking advice and resources before having children because it pertains to inheritable diseases. People considering having children, or those with concerns that a child might have already inherited [...]