Traveling with Kids: Airport Security and Screening

If you are a parent, you know how stressful traveling with kids can be. If you are interested in learning how to talk to your child about airplanes and airport security, this article is for you. It is important for you to prepare your children ahead of time for what they will encounter at the airport. Before [...]

Explaining the concept of “Equal Pay” to children

Your children were once very young and innocent, but time has gone by and they are starting to grow up. You will find that your children will have many questions for you as they get older, and the answers that you have to give will not always be easy. There will be times when you [...]

Discussing College Hazing With Your Teen

As your children grow older, they are going to have questions about subjects that you have never addressed with them. There are times when you will have to discuss a dark topic in order to supply your child with the answers that they need in life. It is important that you are willing to talk [...]

Talking to kids about gun rights and gun control

There are questions that your children will have for you at various points in their lives, and those questions might not always have the black and white answers that you want to give your children. There are going to be times when your children will hear about crimes that are committed with guns, and in [...]

This election

My 8 year old says "if Trump is elected we will have to give back the Statue of Liberty!" Just saying; this is probably the best summary of Trump I have heard!