Stress-Free Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Every parent could use a few back-to-school shopping tips right about now. This can be one of the most hectic times of the year for both you and your child. From fighting the crowds at the stores to playing scavenger hunt with the items on each child's school supply list to appeasing the fashion sense of each [...]

Setting Screen Time Rules

In this new age of technological advancement, it's somewhat difficult to know where to draw the line at times. On one hand you want to be able to provide your child with the necessary skills and materials needed to keep up in a rapidly expanding world. On the other hand, it is not entirely healthy [...]

3 Reasons to Visit Your Child’s School Each and Every Year

In order for children to have every possible advantage during the upcoming school year, parental involvement must begin even before classes do. The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement released a study which indicates that within the United States approximately 64% of all differences in academic achievement between schools were directly attributed to [...]

African American Parents Focus on Equality When Teaching Preschoolers About Race

African American parents and caregivers most often use messages of egalitarianism – emphasizing equal rights, opportunities, and shared humanity across lines of ethnicity and race – when talking with their young preschool-aged children about race, finds a study led by NYU Steinhardt.   African American parents and caregivers most often use messages of egalitarianism – [...]

Ideas for After School Activities

At one point and time "after school activities" were firmly divided between belonging to a school-sponsored activity and the unscheduled free time that kids were left with. In this current era though parents are continually worried over the future of their children and as a result tend to take the inclusion of after-school activities to [...]

Parental Overactivity – Discipline Survey

This survey was designed to measure parental overreactivity, which is a dysfunctional discipline practice. According to parenting expert David Arnold and his colleagues, overreactive parents tend to: Argue with their children or yell at them Become overly frustrated Hold a grudge Research has shown that parents who score high on ovverreactivity are more likely to experience marital [...]

Healthy School Lunch Ideas!

Back to School September is always a great month to think about how to introduce some healthier habits for our children’s school lunches. Most kids today start school before Labor Day, so very likely, you have had one to two weeks to get acclimated to the new schedule. For those of you that have children [...]

Top 5 Apps for Students

It's back to school time. Some kids went joyfully, others with dismay. Whether they like school or hate it, many students will turn to technology to help them along the way. Here are some of the best apps for students on the market now.   1) EasyBib Copying another person's answer from a test is wrong. Using a [...]