Back to school—don’t forget your child’s mental health

In loving memory of my cousin who died by suicide in 2015. He was a high school junior.   Back to school time is upon us. Parents are scurrying around shopping all the back to school deals for their children—clothes, school supplies, and more. For parents with college-aged students the prep-work is more extensive: purchasing [...]

Organizational Tips for the New School Year

By Susan V. Schaefer, M.Ed., M.A.T.   The unorganized student usually starts out the school year with great intentions. Here is some advice on how to stay organized throughout the year.   This year will be different! I’ve got this!” Sound familiar? This is the cry of the chronically disorganized student at the beginning of every [...]

Setting Your Kids’ Sleep Schedule to “School Time”

During the summer, it's typical to allow such things as bed times to grow lax and allow your kids to stay up later and sleep in, especially on your days off and when there's little else to do. But summer only lasts so long, and eventually you've got to face the fact that school is [...]

Is depression in parents, grandparents linked to grandchildren’s depression?

Having both parents and grandparents with major depressive disorder (MDD) was associated with higher risk of MDD for grandchildren, which could help identify those who may benefit from early intervention, according to a study published online by JAMA Psychiatry.   It is well known that having depressed parents increases children's risk of psychiatric disorders. There are [...]

A teacher answering a hard question with style

For all the teachers working their @/:( off and not feeling the love.  This great read is the response from one teacher, to an individual who doesn't quite understand what teachers do or the many things the education system does accomplish. As a former public school teacher, i believe there is a lot of work that [...]

Does Pokémon Go Offer Real Health Benefits?

New Rochelle, NY, August 19, 2016 — The combination of augmented reality technology, geocaching, and other novel techniques to create innovative active video games (AVGs) has potential personal and public health implications, as discussed in the Editorial “Pokémon Go, Go, Go, Gone?” published in Games for Health Journal, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc, publishers. The [...]

Coconut Pancakes- yummmmm! (…and a little about Paleo)

Morning Pancakes! On most Sunday mornings, I make gluten-free pancakes for my kids. If you have a basic pancake recipe, its pretty simple to change them up as far as filling, for example, my kids love apple/cinnamon pancakes or chocolate chip/banana. But first you need to find a versatile recipe. Gluten Free Baking Classics, by [...]