Talking with children and teens about sex

It’s only natural for children to become curious about sex as they grow up, it may simply start off with them asking “Where do babies come from?” or “How did mom get pregnant?”. These questions can be tough to answer if you don’t know how much you should tell your children at specific ages.   [...]

6 Helpful Tips for New Parents

As a new parent, you will worry about every little thing and every little detail. You will wonder if you are doing things correctly or doing them in the best way. The one thing I can tell you with complete certainty is that you will mess up, you will not do everything correctly...or in the [...]

Balance work and home life: A guide for busy parents

You are patient, caring, attentive, with nearly limitless amounts of energy and love.  No, you're not a superhero - you're a modern day parent. Balancing work and life at home As a parent in 2016, you are most likely working two full-time jobs: your office job, and parenting job.  You don't only want the best [...]

Parenting Styles : Knowledge to Increase the Quality of Your Parenting

Being a good parent doesn’t come naturally. It’s a learned experience – and not all of us had the best parents, either.  Learning to parent can be seen as a two-pronged approach; we can learn from our own experiences with kids, and then integrate external information from research and other parents around the world.  Knowing [...]

New Parents Sleep Poorly: Tips to keep up

New parents sleep sporadically, if at all.  Newborns are noisy and need near constant surveillance and care. Sleep deprivation may sound like something that happens to those captured at war, but I'm sure new parents can relate.  So, how can you keep up while still being there for your baby? I know that personally, my [...]

How to ask “clarifying questions” when talking to your child

Some parents already understand the importance of asking clarifying questions of their child. Others make the same mistake that almost everyone makes at one time or another, assuming that their child can speak to them in the same manner that they would if they were an adult. The truth is, you have to ask clarifying [...]

Parenting Tips: How to be a “Trampoline Parent”

Raising kids is an incredible experience – you see them develop from a kicking little bubble in your stomach to a pasta-sauce-mess-making, sneezing-then-laughing bundle of joy.  It’s been so gratifying to raise a young boy and girl, but it’s also been a trying experience.  I always look to others for parenting tips, and when I [...]

Four Ways to Make Museums Fun For Kids

My mother is a professional artist, a fact I am proud to tell people. Her work not only has a wide, well-paying audience, it also demonstrates her profound talent. Given that, one would expect I grew up with a passion for art, perhaps tried to pursue it myself? At the very least, I must have [...]