Children can benefit when adoptive, biological parents share adoption stories

For most of the 20th century, adoptions were largely “closed,” meaning birth parents placed their child with an adoption agency and had no further contact unless the child sought them out later in life. However, statistics show that a shift occurred in the 1990s when adoption practitioners started to recognize the benefits of “open” adoptions, [...]

An Overview of Four Adoption Types

Understanding adoption must begin with an understanding of the various types that can occur. Even within the five categories described here, no adoption is the same as another due to the differing circumstances leading up to them, but they do share certain traits with others in their category.   Domestic Infant Adoption   Cases in [...]

How I Strengthened My Bond With My Child

When my son was two, something stole away his mommy. When I was able to return, I discovered a boy who fiercely loved me -- his mother -- but who also harbored a deep anger about my absence. Strengthening our relationship was vitally important for both of our emotional health, but the process involved some [...]

Teaching Kids to Have a Good Work Ethic

Teaching kids to have a good work ethic is very important. They need to learn to be responsible and dependable from an early age. Here are some tips to helping a parent build a great work ethic in their kid.   Teach Delayed Gratification   Teach the kid how to delay what they want and do what they [...]

The Road to Adoption: First Steps

The initial decision in favor of adoption should never be rushed. Birth mothers have several valid options available and should decide based on their beliefs and capabilities. Similarly, the decision to adopt a child merits deep consideration from every conceivable angle. This article will explain more about the adoption process.   The merit of contemplation [...]

Helping Build Long-Lasting Friendships for Your Children

When you look back on your childhood, you remember all of the wonderful memories of playing in the backyard with some of the neighborhood kids on your street, or maybe sitting in the library with some classmates talking about the day. These memories often overshadow the uncomfortable and awkward stages of trying to make friends, [...]

Adoption Laws

The adoption process involves a plethora of extreme emotions and is a complex, difficult experience. Add to that the legal process involved and that complexity increases rapidly. From a legal standpoint, adoption transfers the parental rights of the birth parents, or less often another legal guardian, to the adoptive parents. Circumstances vary in each case, as [...]

Making Sense of the Election (and Explaining it to Your Kids)

  This year’s Presidential Election has truly been an experience that none of us could predict.  We knew there would be celebrating for some, consoling for others, and anger and hurt by those associated with whomever “lost.”  How that would present itself, we did not know. So, the questions we face now are “how do [...]

Friendly, Honest Adoption Facts

As one of many who has been adopted, the adoption program has changed tremendously over the past forty to fifty years. Back in the 1950's and 1960's adoption was usually kept quiet. Usually when children were adopted there were two things that the courts focused upon before allowing the adoption to take place. The adoptive [...]