Should parents lie to children about Santa?

Shops are bursting with toys, mince pies are on the menu and radios are blasting out Christmas tunes -- so it's time for another festive favourite: lying to children.   Millions of parents convince their kids Father Christmas is real -- but this lie may be damaging, according to psychologist Christopher Boyle and mental health [...]

Movia – Humanoid Robots for Children with Autism

Who we are   Movia’s mission is to bring cutting-edge robotics technology together with expertise in learning, development and cognition to promote social and cognitive gains for children with autism and other developmental disorders. Our team consists of experts in engineering, software, psychology, and education. We combine our expertise to design products and solutions tailored [...]

Practical Strategies to Increase Family Time

Our lives are chaotic, our calendars are filled to capacity and there are few moments left over for family time. But it’s vitally important that you find or make even a small time to be all together. Milkie, Nomaguchi, and Denny’s article, Does the Amount of Time Children or Adolescents Spend with their Children suggests [...]

Reflective Practice

by Amy Alamar, EdD Dinner is on the stove, I have one more work call to make, two kids are working on homework and my oldest son missed the late bus from school. I drop everything and run out to get him. Expecting at least a “thanks,” he looks at me instead and asks, “do [...]

Executive Function in Times of Transition

Transitions can be extremely difficult for students who have ADHD or other executive functioning weaknesses. Many parents will remember their older students as having had difficulty with transition throughout their lives. Theirs were often the kids hardest to get to bed and hardest to wake up, the kids who had difficulty joining a group of [...]

High Risk Pregnancy

In this Yellowbrick talk, perinatal wellness expert Parijat Deshpande teaches you several strategies to manage a high risk pregnancy. You will learn how to lower your stress, feel calmer, and be more confident so that you can have a healthier pregnancy.     Parijat Deshpande is the leading perinatal wellness expert who specializes in working [...]