How to Handle Other Parents’ Not So Friendly Judgements

Let's face it. Becoming a parent is more than likely one of the most remarkable experiences in your life, and something that you can never fully grasp until it happens to you. In reality, there is no bad way to parent your child or children. Everybody has their own techniques, and their own beliefs, and [...]

Social Anxiety Disorder and Teens

Let's be really honest, when we think of anxiety, we don't really consider it a disorder, or a mental illness, right? It's almost as if our society tends to treat it as if it is merely a behavior that can be fixed over the weekend, almost like potty training. Of course, this is most certainly [...]

Cut Down the Price Tag of College Tuition With the Scholly App

By Patrina Dixon, CFEI; Yellowbrick Accredited Provider   Are you or a loved one seeking ways to ween down the price tag on college tuition. Stacking up on available scholarships is a great option to start. How? There are a number of scholarship websites for you to get started. There also may be multiple opportunities [...]

How Video Games Benefit Children

Some like to shine harsh lights on video games hoping to reveal their sinister content as a detriment to children. However, the truth is that a vast number of video games are constructive for children and provide them with social benefits, problem-solving skills, complex three-dimensional thinking skills, scientific knowledge, refined motor skills, and myriad other [...]

This is why I love being a father!!!

As I begin writing this, I'm not certain there are adequate words to explain why I love being a father. There are of course the basic reasons of having a little one around who looks up to me and who wants to emulate everything I do, whose smiles make me feel like my stomach is [...]

What it means to foster a child

Families come in many different forms today. There are families where children live with both of their parents, some children live with only one parent and visit the other on a court-appointed visitation schedule; still others split their time by living with one parent at a time for a designated time. There are also foster [...]

Racism – How to Approach a Difficult Conversation With Your Kids

There are many topics when it comes to your children that can seem terrifying to have, or in better terms, quite difficult to approach. Of course, as they get older, it doesn't become any easier, but sometimes beginning to speak with them about these taboo topics at an earlier age can be beneficial both to [...]