Teaching kids to empathize by managing their feelings

Many times if a child seems to lack any empathetic feeling for another person it is because there is something that is keeping them from accessing this very natural quality. Most children are able to be empathetic to others, but such negative emotions as shame, anger, or even envy serve as roadblocks when it comes [...]

Can fiction stories make us more empathetic?

Empathy is important for navigating complex social situations, and is considered a highly desirable trait. Raymond Mar, a psychologist at York University in Canada, discussed how exposure to narrative fiction may improve our ability to understand what other people are thinking or feeling in his session at the American Psychological Association's 122nd Annual Convention.   [...]

Teaching your Kids to Practice Empathy

Each of us is born with the innate ability to feel empathy for others. But much like most things in life, it is something that must be honed and practiced in order to be good at. Through guidance and encouragement, learning to treat others with compassion and to respond with an openness to differing viewpoints [...]

Star Behavior: Five Tips for Stellar Behavior Charts

We’ve all seen them, adorning the walls of our homes and cluttering our children’s classrooms; behavior charts. Behavior charts can be a great way to increase good behavior in children, build self-esteem, and foster grit. They’re easy to make and simple to use, but doing it right can mean the difference between better behaved kids [...]

How Being Romantic Contributes to Successful Family Team Spirit

With Valentines approaching I decided to write an article about how romance between parents contributes to the success of the whole “Family Team”. A truly successful “Family Team” means that every member, including “Mum and Dad” is successful and feels “taken care of”. The more “taken care of” an individual feels, the more able they [...]

Empathetic teachers enhance children’s motivation for learning

Empathetic teachers enhance children's motivation and academic skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic skills. A positive atmosphere created by the teacher also safeguards and increases children's motivation for learning, according to the Finnish First Steps study currently ongoing at the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Turku.   [...]