Nurture The Wow: Parenting As A Spiritual Practice With Danya Ruttenberg

Beth El Temple Women’s Network, in partnership with the Mandell JCC Jewish Book Festival, Early Childhood Center and Family Room, Solomon Schechter Day School, Mikveh Bess Israel, Pearl Society of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, Hadassah Greater Hartford and Emanuel Synagogue Sisterhood, Presents: Nurture The Wow: Parenting as a Spiritual Practice with Danya Ruttenberg The work of parenting--and living in connection with [...]

The Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication

Some of the most important and influential people who will ever enter your child's life are their school teachers. Second to parents and family members, school teachers will spend the greatest amount of time with your children and have the closest relationships with them. Therefore, it is important that you as a parent develop a [...]

United States parents not as happy as those without children, researcher says

Parents in the United States generally are not as happy as those who aren’t parents. Not only that, the U.S. has the largest “happiness gap” among parents compared to non-parents in 22 industrialized countries, according to a report by researchers at Baylor University, the University of Texas at Austin and Wake Forest University.   The [...]

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness By Lou Scotti   What are the tools required for happiness… and do you as a parent have the ability to provide these tools for your children?   The pursuit of happiness is a right of all our children, or is it. Yes pursuing happiness is something we can all do, [...]

Advice for Couples with Different Values and Beliefs

Starting a relationship is easy. Making one last is the hard part. This can be especially difficult in couples who have different core values and beliefs. It is very important to share these beliefs with one another at the beginning of the relationship. If these are not things the two of you can compromise on, [...]

Coping with Dementia as a Family

Dealing with dementia can be difficult for families. Not only do parents find themselves battling with their own emotions and the struggles of accepting that their own parent is slowing slipping away, but trying to explain to small children why grandma or grandpa suddenly doesn't remember them can be especially tough. Dementia brings complexities that [...]

Keeping Children Safe On-line

Keeping Children Safe On-line By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan   I chose to write an article about keeping children safe online after I witness some very inappropriate behaviour at a local park. Some teenagers were having a conversation that first wasn’t one to be had where there were mothers and children around. Second, their attitude toward the [...]

Why Art Therapy Works

When children or teens experience a traumatic event, common wisdom holds that they will recover well, given time, because kids are resilient. It is a comforting thought, and it is often even true. However, in those circumstances where the natural resilience of children is not enough, there are other options to help them cope with [...]