How to Nurture Children’s Understanding and Enjoyment of Maths

How to Nurture Children’s Understanding and Enjoyment of Maths By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan   It’s easier than you may think to encourage children to develop an interest in maths. Even as babies you can nurture their interest. For instance, when doing up your baby’s poppers/ buttons (and some of those baby-grows have a load of poppers!) [...]

Should parents pay their kids to do chores?

To pay kids for chores or not. I guess it depends on what message you are trying to send as a parent. Are you trying to teach your child the relationship between work and money and that with hard work one can earn a wage? Are you trying to teach your kid about budgeting and [...]

Choosing the Best Swimming Pool for Your Home

Many people dream of having a big beautiful pool in their backyard, and there are many benefits to having one. Not only is it great for spending summers, hosting parties and creating memories; it is also a great way to increase the value of your home. But, what kind of pool do you want? How [...]

The Beauty of Boredom

School’s nearly out and your summer schedule is likely filling fast (or is already full). It’s great to provide structure for kids during summer, but don’t forget to offer time for fun, exploration, and down time.   Camps and other activities can offer lots of learning experiences and enjoyment. They also provide child care for [...]

Have you seen Tommy Jordan’s controversial viral video with 40 million views: “Facebook Parenting – For the troubled teen.”

The video that started it all: The continuation: Dr. Phil questions Tommy Jordan's parenting skills on the Today Show: Tommy Jordan responds to Dr. Phil's scathing commentary: Teens’ reactions: Tommy Jordan has an important message for you!

Golden Tips for Retiring in 2017

For some people the idea of retirement is all about sitting and watching TV with your feet on the table. For others, however, retirement is a new beginning and the greatest journey of life. In order for you to have a good retirement plan, you need a solid financial plan that will enable you to [...]

Why I never spank my son

I am not the perfect mother. I make mistakes every single day. As a result, I rarely try and tell other parents how they should or should not raise their children. However, as a mother and someone with an educational background in Psychology, I must make an exception to that rule. Do not spank your [...]

Education Is the Key to Breaking the Circle of Poverty

The seemingly never-ending circle of poverty can be broken with adequate education. Essentially, jobs that can help people pay their bills and support themselves and their families require a high school diploma at least. Unfortunately, the bar has been raised recently, and the necessary educational levels go above high school education as well. This all [...]

Starting a Conversation About Drinking and Driving

If you are a parent of a child who is quickly growing older, you might find yourself feeling scared for all that the future will bring. You want your child to be safe at all times and you wish that you could ensure that that would be the case. The truth is, your children will [...]

How to Talk to Kids About Sexism

Sexism is one of those topics that can easily frustrate most people to the point of being too flabbergasted to know what to say about it. It would be nice to think that in this day and age, people are given an equal chance based on their skills and abilities, not their gender. With that [...]