Sleep Hygiene for Kids: Encouraging Healthy Habits

Children need sleep. This is an immutable fact that's been discovered by many parents and one that Park (2009) stresses must be applied. In order to obtain the necessary amount of sleep to function, a child must be taught to acclimate to a set bedtime, and a set time to wake up in the morning. [...]

Parents aiming too high can harm child’s academic performance

When parents have high hopes for their children’s academic achievement, the children tend to do better in school, unless those hopes are unrealistic, in which case the children may not perform well in school, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.   “Our research revealed both positive and negative aspects of parents’ aspiration [...]

Talking to Teens About Texting While Driving

With each new generation of kids there are always new challenges to be faced. Despite the fact that the first text message was supposedly sent in 1992, it would not become a preferred method of communication until a decade later. Even in the early 2000s texting was still in its infancy, though its popularity began [...]

The Three E’s of Communicating with Teenagers

Communicating with teenagers is tough, especially when you're trying to talk about important issues and get their viewpoint. But, most of these problems exist solely on our end as parents. And that means they can be corrected. The first step, then, to solicit different viewpoints is to recognize the biggest mistakes parents make when trying to [...]

Internet health information can reduce parents’ trust in doctors’ diagnoses

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics   Research presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting suggests online health information can influence whether parents trust a diagnosis made by their child's doctor, potentially leading to delayed treatment.   The study abstract, "Paging Dr. Google: The Effects of Online Health Information on Parental Trust in Pediatrician' Medical [...]

New To Middleschool Group at FRDC in West Hartford, CT 06107

Family Resource & Development Center, LLC is launching a New To Middle School Group for boys and girls making that big transition from elementary to middle school. It's an opportunity for kids to discuss concerns, excitement, and new and past challenges associated with the academic and social experience of school. They can gain support from [...]

Healthy Eating: A delicious way to keep your family healthy!

I posted a carrot-based juice recipe this past Sunday and got some great responses to it.  This makes me really happy.  It means that I'm not wasting my time blogging.  Also, it means that I'm helping other families with their healthy eating!  This is really important to me; healthy eating is a lifestyle, rather than just [...]

How to make Bedtime a Dream and not a Nightmare!

How to make Bedtime a Dream and not a Nightmare! By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan   I know a lot of parents experience difficulties here so I felt it necessary to write an article on the subject of “Bedtime”. The vast majority of “bedtime issues” are actually related to what you do; that is how you handle/ respond to things. The times it isn’t related to this is [...]

Educating Children About Alcoholism

Families have different issues and unique beliefs. It is up to parents to give their children a set of values at home. Children who do not get this from home often end up going with the first group in society that adopts them. It is much better for us to help our children form this [...]