5 False Alarms of Low Breast Milk Supply

Every mother who breastfeeds thinks at one point or another that she has a low breast milk supply, which is really not true at all. Mothers worry constantly over the fears that they’re somehow not feeding their babies sufficiently. In fact, many women across the world wean their babies off much more quickly than what they had originally planned because they believe their babies need more nutrition to grow properly.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


If the milk is there, it’s there! Low milk supply rarely requires weaning. It’s easy to fix with simple home remedies. From oatmeal to cinnamon and from cumin seeds to fenugreek seeds, any of these foods will boost your supply beautifully.


But nothing increases your milk supply like the sucking motion of your baby. So, essentially, the more you feed your baby, the more milk you’ll make. It is a simple concept of demand and supply.


If you’re still worried about a low milk supply or suffer from ‘Perceived Insufficient Milk’, the official term for believing in low milk production when it is not true at all, worry not, as we have charted out 7 false alarms that are “signs” that seemingly indicate to most women that they don’t have enough milk.


Read on and keep breastfeeding your baby!



Low Breast Milk Supply False Alarm #1. – Your baby nurses too much, all the time or has increased nursing suddenly.


The Breastfeeding Truth – It could be a number of things – maybe your baby is going through a growth spurt, during which most babies get clingy and nurse ALL THE TIME; maybe your child is just fussy, has gas or folic.


There is absolutely no need to grab a bottle and start supplementing at this stage.




Low Breast Milk Supply False Alarm #2. – Your baby acts differently from other babies.


The Breastfeeding Truth – Every baby is unique and special. Just because babies are supposed to do something in a certain way does not mean every single baby will follow that pattern.


From genetics to the weather to the temperament of your baby, these things could be blamed on anything.




Low Breast Milk Supply False Alarm #3. – Your breasts don’t leak or are much softer than before.


The Breastfeeding Truth – Stop thinking that your milk is gone as these signs indicate just the opposite. Your breasts don’t leak anymore and feel softer because your body is getting adjusted to your baby’s milk requirements.


Plus, it could also be due to the post-partum hormones settling down.




Low Breast Milk Supply False Alarm #4. – You stop experiencing the feeling of let-down of milk.


The Breastfeeding Truth – You may have never felt it, or maybe you used to feel it before, the slight stinginess or pinching feeling that is a part of breastfeeding your baby. This means that your breasts are letting down more milk as the baby demands it. If you have never felt it, or used to feel it but don’t anymore, it is not indicative of the fact that your breastmilk supply is low.


Check the baby’s mouth when he/she is swallowing; if the jaw is moving correctly, it signifies they are drinking well and are content with the amount they get.




Low Breast Milk Supply False Alarm #5. – You don’t pump out much milk.


The Breastfeeding Truth – This could possibly be the worst false sign ever! Pumping output does not indicate anything regarding your breastmilk supply. Even the best pump cannot compete with the rigorous sucking motion of a hungry, correctly latched baby.


You may produce only a few drops by pumping but your child could be growing healthily while just exclusively breastfeeding.


What does that tell you?


My advice – forget about what you think you know about low milk supply and just focus on feeding your baby adequately, on-demand and on first signs of hunger, rather than at a full-blown crying spree.