//5 Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

5 Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Thinking about letting the kids stay up and watch the ball drop into the new year? Forget the adult only parties – with these fun New Year’s Eve ideas for kids you can be sure that parents and children alike will be able to ring in the new year in style! Here are some of my favorite ideas for the kids this New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve Toast… Kid Style
Champagne and New Year’s Eve go hand in hand, but what about the kids? Why not let them get in on the “toasting” action with their own version of champagne and caviar… milk and cookies. “We rim some fancy glasses with sprinkles for a festive touch to our toast” says Gina Bell of eastcoastmommy.com. Lactose Intolerance? Sparkling cider is always a great option!


Dinner and a Home Movie
Here’s a fun way to end the year – relive this past year’s memories! Do you have home videos from one of the kid’s birthdays? This summer’s fourth of July BBQ? If you’re keeping things casual and staying home with the kids, the hours counting down to the ball drop could be a great opportunity to watch some of this year’s home videos. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Memory (Picture) Scavenger Hunt
Similar to watching home movies, reviewing pictures is a great way to relive highlights from the past year. Allison McDonald at notimeforflashcards.com turned this idea into a fun scavenger hunt for the kids – printing photos from the year and hiding them around the house. Once the kids had found all the photos, they sat down together and discussed each photo and the memories associated with them. Allison adds to “Ask your kids to pick their favorite memories and share why they are their favorites.”


End of the Year Time Capsule Questions
From todaysmama.com, “Our Year End Time Capsule questions gives you a chance to capture the sweet details that make up your everyday lives—the kiddo’s favorite foods, movies, books, and things to do—and the back offers prompts for you to answer too.” This one may feel a little like homework, but could make a fun book some day if you make it an annual tradition!


Countdown Balloons (Filled with Activities)
Ashley at Life with Moore Babies added a fun spin to the traditional balloon countdown. Every hour starting at 6:00 pm, the kids popped a new balloon filled with a fun activity to do – ranging from watching an episode of their favorite TV show to playing with glow sticks. This is a great option to keep the kids out of trouble and awake through the night.


This is just a small sample of some of the neat New Year’s Eve ideas for kids I found around the web – do you have your own? Annual New Year’s Eve traditions or craft ideas for the kids? Share them below! You can also post your own ideas by signing up on Yellowbrick.me. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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