5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Being able to look at your child objectively is a special skill that many parents lack, especially when there is a problem. We all want out child to be the best, the smartest, the most beautiful and the happiest. However, this is impossible and the sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we will able to face the problem at hand. Basically, what really matters is detecting the problems at their very beginning and reacting properly. Your children need to know that you want to help them become the best versions of themselves. In that respect, here are some red flags regarding the question of whether or not your child needs tutoring.

Causing problems

If your child’s behaviour is different in any way, it might be a sign that something is wrong at school and they need a tutor. Every child is different, but this change of behaviour usually manifests itself in a loss of confidence or in a sudden urge to disrupt lessons by acting as the class clown. It’s often one of the first signs that your child is facing difficulties at school and is trying to conceal them by acting up.


Slipping grades

This one is quite straightforward. Regardless of what grades your kid had before, if there is a sudden decline, it needs to be considered a warning. In this case, talk to your child and see if this is just a one-time thing and if it can be fixed easily. However, if it continues, it’s a clear sign that your child needs some kind of help with studying. Regardless of whether you and your partner are going to help them or you are going to choose a good tuition centre, something definitely needs to be done.

Change of environment

Assess the nature of the problem. For example, many children have trouble coping with changes. Therefore, if your child suddenly starts getting bad grades, it may be because they’ve changed schools recently or got a new teacher, and they cannot adapt as fast as they are expected to; hence their grades and confidence are slipping. Of course, you can prevent this by reacting as soon as the change happens.

Wanting more

Another possibility is that your child wants to learn more than the school can teach. Perhaps they are particularly interested in certain topics but cannot get additional information during the regular lessons. Tutoring is great for overachievers, too. Some children learn faster than others, which eventually leads to them being bored in classes. This is why they need someone to challenge their brain and keep them busy.


The decrease of parental supervision

Think about other factors, like what is different in your child’s life now than before the problem appeared. Try to think of anything that has changed recently, and if it could have influenced your child’s life. Perhaps you or your partner have changed job positions and now you have less time to spend with your child which resulted in the loss of homework control or help in learning.

Any of these situations may indicate that your kid needs a tutor. If you do decide this is what they need, you need to free yourself of prejudice and do the right thing for your child. This doesn’t mean your child is less intelligent or less capable than other children. In most cases, the reason is an event that has affected your child and caused the changes in studying. If the situation becomes more serious, consider involving the school’s psychologist in the process. However, a tutor will often be able to help with any kind of short or long term problem at school. Just do a background check of the tutor, since nowadays many people are tutoring and not all of them are qualified to do so.