//A Grandfather’s Memories

A Grandfather’s Memories

The joy of being a grandparent is enhanced by those times between the grandparent and grandchild sharing something between them that can become a lifelong memory. When my granddaughter, Emily, was about three years old, she and my wife, Kathie, had one of those moments. First, some background. This marriage was the second one for us. My wife had three children from her first marriage. Therefore, our granddaughter has two grandfathers – her biological one, “Opa”, and me, “Grandpa.”


Kathie and Emily were sitting together doing some art. Emily turned to Kathie and asked, “Do you know Opa?’


Kathie said, “Yes.”


Emily then stated, “You were married to Opa.”


Kathie responded, “Yes, I was.”


Emily then inquired, “But, you weren’t happy being married to Opa?” Kathie said she wasn’t.


So Emily said, “Then you married Grandpa and now you are happy.” Kathie responded that she was.


Emily thought for a bit and then asked in all her innocent wisdom, “Then why didn’t you just marry Grandpa in the first place?”


It is a shared moment that will last a lifetime.

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