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A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Racism

Unfortunately, racism is still one of those things that people have to put up with. This is not something that should still be going on, nor should it have ever happened at any point in history. However, the truth is that it can and does happen. Worse yet, when it happens to children, it can bring up a lot of hurtful questions that parents have to be ready to answer.


Children might experience racism because they live in a family that is different from what people often consider to be the standard, or traditional family. This is true of some children who have parents from mixed races and it even happens to children of a different race who are adopted. The point is, parents have to be ready to teach their children how to deal with this type of treatment so their lives are not negatively impacted well into adulthood as a direct result of it. This is not nearly as easy as it sounds, as it can leave long and lasting scars on children. The best thing that parents can do is teach them how to love who they are and be fully accepting of themselves and everyone else, realizing that those who taunt them simply don’t take the time or the effort to understand that people should never be treated that way.


Some children are affected by racism when they are not the target of it themselves. For some individuals, just seeing another person being treated in that way can cause them to bring up a lot of very mature questions that a child might be asking long before they are old enough to understand the answers. After all, how are you supposed to explain why some people are racist and expect a child to understand when adults can’t begin to understand it themselves? The best thing you can do is teach children to stand up for themselves and for others with an attitude that is always loving, even in the face of some situations where this might be a challenge. By doing so, you are teaching your children to be the best they can possibly be, regardless of what anyone else says or does.

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