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Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting was developed by Dr. Rosina McAlpine (B Com, M Com Hons, MHed, PhD), a busy working mother and an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Business School. Rosina is an internationally recognised educator and researcher with five teaching awards and five best paper awards. She holds a Masters of Higher Education and education-focussed PhD. Her research interests include education theory, curriculum development, assessment, gender equality, work-life balance and parenting.


Rosina began her journey into parenting and child development over 9 years ago when she was confronted with important parenting decisions and was given extremely conflicting advice. Simply wanting to be the best parent she could be for her child, as a researcher, she decided to find evidence-based parenting practices. Concerned with the lack of research-based parenting books and hence sound information for parents worldwide, Rosina has been interviewing experts and engaging with the latest research from a range of disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, education and epigenetics.


Integrating the knowledge, her practical experience and the skills she’s acquired over many years of working in this area, Rosina has developed practical and innovative approaches to parenting, including programs that empower parents to help their children develop key life skills like good self-esteem, communication skills and resilience. As a busy working mum herself, Rosina has edited and authored several parenting and child development books for modern-day busy families.


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