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We are an innovative, multi-disciplinary psychology group practice that is very different than traditional talk therapy. Our mission is to provide people practical solutions, instruction, and empowerment in their lives. Therapists at HHS utilize the i-therapy model that was developed by Dr. K, the Chief Psychologist of HHS. This model is short-term active treatment strongly influenced by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Behavioral Theory. I- therapy incorporates focused goals, direct feedback, and a multi-leveled system to meet clients where they are.

The mission of HHS is to improve the quality of life for our clients and the community through service, excellence, and innovation. Following this mission, we are committed to “getting therapy out of the office” and into the hands of people who really need the tools. HHS is a full service practice that offers individual, couples, and family counseling as well as groups and trainings. Some samples are: Girl Power Group, Great Girls Group (Teens), Boys Group, New Mom’s Group, Parenting Groups, Design Your Life (Goal Setting), Brain Training/Optimization, How of Happiness, and Mindful Mindset Trainings. Trainings are also provided on site for corporations, organizations, schools, and medical offices throughout New England. We are actively posting on social media with new content and will be offering online webinars and courses.

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