/John E. Mancini, LPC, CAC, CSAT

John E. Mancini, LPC, CAC, CSAT

Each of us experience stress, anxiety, depression, and grief throughout life, and the need for love, safety, respect, and nurturing. The question isn’t whether you can eliminate these feelings and needs; rather the question to ask is; “How do I take responsibility for fully understanding myself?” I declare that everyone is being called to discover themselves in the deepest sense. “What is your spirit communicating to you?” “What do you need to live a healthy life?” As you ponder these questions, I believe that your pain is what pushes you and your vision is what pulls you through life.
I’m a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist with specialty training and valuable psychological insight gained from accredited academics. My own life experiences assists me in identifying your struggles with an addiction and codependency lifestyle. I provide a safe, accepting, and understanding environment for clients to explore and develop their process.
As Clinical Director, The Essential Path Family Institute offers the premier sexual addiction and relationship recovery program in Hartford County, Connecticut. We service and provide treatment for addicts, partners/spouses of addicts, couples, adolescents, children, and loved ones who are struggling with the effects of an addiction and codependency lifestyle.
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