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At Lion Academy, we believe that relatable tutors are effective tutors. Our customized process elevates the traditional one-on-one tutoring model by pairing each student with a mentor whose qualifications and teaching methods are most suited to that student’s unique goals and learning style.

The Lion Academy model is predicated on four core principles:


Our Mentors are subject matter experts, having scored in the top 1% of the test or subject they tutor. We go beyond typical “tips and tricks” and teach real content, while identifying and targeting specific areas of subject weakness. Our Founder is a Yale Ph.D. who leverages his extensive 15 year tutoring track record and oversees the training of all of our tutors. Our comprehensive diagnostic tests and astute team coalesce to bring you an unsurpassed level of excellence.


Our services emphasize one-on-one tutoring which allows us to create a customized curriculum for you, structured around your specific needs. We cross- reference information we’ve gathered about our students with information we’ve gathered from in-depth tutor interviews to find your ideal tutor match. Our matching criteria includes but is not limited to: academic objectives, learning/ teaching style, personality type, and extracurricular interests. Our goal is not only to provide you with exceptional tutoring, but also to provide you with a mentor and a community that extend through high school, college, and beyond. Once we find your perfect tutor, we design an individualized lesson plan that will meet your academic needs and help you reach your goals.


Our tutors are Mentors who embody our core principles. They are ethical, well-rounded, ambitious young adults who are screened for character and non- academic traits, as well as relevant academic and tutoring experience. Because they are not far removed from the college admissions process, they deeply understand and empathize with your journey.


Our belief is that all pieces of the puzzle must work in concert to achieve optimal results, so we partner with parents from the beginning to maintain a dynamic dialogue. We use an interactive online system that allows you to access a variety of information, including sample tests, diagnostic results, and student information all in one place, and available at any time for your review.

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