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Manual Therapy Seminars

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a structural treatment method that complements functional rehabilitation and medical therapies. The IMT practitioner uses gentle hands-on techniques to facilitate better alignment, promote blood flow, improve tissue integrity, and restore mobility of soft tissues in the body. These methods help restore innate resiliency and the capacity for self-healing.

Rehabilitation is “the act of restoring something to its original state”. This process includes both structural rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation. Structural rehabilitation restores alignment, integrity and mobility of the body’s tissues; as structural integrity and alignment improve, the potential for better function is a natural outcome. Functional rehabilitation includes strengthening, stretching, and movement; this is where the body is retrained to use its restored structure.

Structural rehabilitation helps to bring a person into mechanical and physiologic balance, which creates less susceptibility to injury, illness, and disease. When the best structural and functional methods are combined, rehabilitation can mean even more than “restoring something to its original state.” We like to think of it as, “the act of achieving the body’s highest potential.” Please check out our website to learn more about upcoming live seminars offered by Manual Therapy Seminars.

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