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My name is Joanna C Curry-Sartori and I am a Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT. I create a welcoming, respectful, and engaging space for clients of all ages. I partner with you and your family to understand and address your concerns and challenges. I offer you a safe, creative process in which you can uncover inner resources and experience your natural capacity to create change and find solutions. When you or a family members struggles with intense emotions (depression, anxiety, emotional dis-regulation, etc.), I support you to experience space from the thoughts and feelings that “highjack” you and discover pathways to connect with your innate inner strength and joy.

When you experience misunderstanding and hurt in relationships, I help you find renewed compassion so you can experience authentic connection and call forth the best in each other. When you feel overwhelmed by challenges, I offer tools to pause and access your center of calm, courage, and effectiveness.

I bring the whole of my life experience into our work; my experience as a marriage and family therapist, 20 years working in the field of mindfulness and yoga, 5 years working in schools, my journey as a parent, and my life long commitment to live from the heart.


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