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Hello, I’m Paula-Elizabeth, your Family-Team Coach, (every Family is a Team and every Team has a Coach!). I came up with this idea as a result of feeling that throughout my youth I was misunderstood through general lack of knowledge, insight and communication. Hence I was often unfairly judged. With the right knowledge, understanding and communication this could so easily have been avoided. So I’m passionate that all members of every Family-Team (including “Mum” and “Dad”) should feel “heard”, happy, loved and taken care of, – No misunderstandings, or upsets.

In my “quest” to find the “answers” I gained a Theology degree with an Art minor and also became Montessori Trained. They may sound “World’s apart”, but I’ve found Theology and Child-Development over-lap in many different ways. Theology taught me how to channel my curiosity and ask myself the “right” questions in order to learn from any given situation. This is inevitably a very useful “tool” when working with children in education. As Montessori is a scientifically based pedagogical method of teaching it compliments my curious nature and desire to help all children learn effectively. Also living in a multi-cultural society it’s great to have an insight into other cultures.

For me, the difference of being a “Family-Team Coach” is that in addition to the holistic well-being and success of the children, “Mum” and “Dad” need to feel equally taken care of too! You’re a “Family-Team” and in order for every member to reach their full, holistic potential everyone needs to feel fully taken care of. This way you’ll find that you’ll get the best results both individually and as a Team! It requires working together, good communication and great “Team-Leadership”.

This is all completely possible; it just takes an open mind, a willing heart and a shift in perspective. I’m really looking forward to sharing all the insights I have learnt with you. Please do get in touch with me at; [email protected] and let me know if there’s anything specific you would like me to cover, thank-you, Paula-Elizabeth.


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