//Adoption Costs and Fees

Adoption Costs and Fees

Perhaps the most common questions regarding adoption are related to the expenses. Many families fear being unable to afford the fees for medical service, legal representation and other general costs. Understanding the expenses is critical when making the choice to adopt. This is what can be expected:


Cost for Birth Mother


A pregnant woman who decides on adoption for her unborn child with a private adoption within the US will have no expenses.


For her, the fees associated with doctor visits, childbirth, counseling and other approved services are all covered by the adoptive family.


Depending on the state, other fees might also be included in the financial assistance provided by the adoptive family. For instance, the adoption laws might allow for rent, maternity clothing and other expenses to be charged to the family. Groceries, utilities and wi-fi are all potentially covered.


Pregnant women who are pursuing adoption will have an Adoption Specialist assess their situation and needs. This individual will determine what she needs and how to best provide for her and the child according to the guidelines of that state.


Call 1 800 ADOPTION to connect with an Adoption Specialist or to receive free information regarding the options available.


Cost for Adoptive Families


Although pregnant women have a pretty clear guideline regarding what to expect, adoptive families do not have the same. Families considering adoption must ask the right questions and choose carefully when entering the process.


Proper preparation will make the process easier as well as save time and money. Some of the things to ask about include:


1) What services are included in the fees?

2) What additional fees might be charged?

3) What are the laws in my state regarding living expenses and similar fees?

4) If the case is disrupted, are the paid funds credited toward another adoption?

5) How long are the advertising expenses good?

6) How are payments to the biological mother handled?

7) What type of budgeting is enforced to ensure the unborn child is well cared for?


Of course, other questions are likely to arise in connection to these answers. You reduce the risk of heartache and wasted time by asking plenty of questions from the start so you have a clear and realistic expectation of the adoption process.

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