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Advice for Parents of Gay or Lesbian Children

For a gay child, nothing can be more challenging than coming out to parents. In fact, being a gay or lesbian child often puts so much stress on a person that they can scarcely handle day-to-day challenges. Growing up is hard enough without the additional stresses placed on someone who feels like they can’t openly talk to their mom or dad. In fact, there are plenty of times when just getting up and going to school is difficult enough for nearly every child. Being gay or lesbian often makes the process even more difficult. Unfortunately, there are people that feel like they have to single out every difference between them and someone else and then make a big deal out of those differences because they have nothing better to do. This can paint a target on the backs of gay and lesbian children. If they feel as though they cannot openly talk to their parents, the situation becomes even worse.


As a parent, the best thing you can do is be open to anything and everything your child has to say to you. Remember, they may not always make the decisions you wish they would make but it is their decision to make. The only way that you can have a truly happy child that grows into a happy and productive adult is to give them the opportunity to live their life on their terms. By letting them know that you love them unconditionally and you accept them whether they make the choices you want them to make or not, you are giving them the opportunity to be honest with you and to have an open conversation with you about their sexuality as well as anything else that they might be struggling with.

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