//Advice for Parents with Financial Problems

Advice for Parents with Financial Problems

There is nothing more disappointing than having to tell your child he or she can’t have that favorite toy because you’re having a hard time with money. It happens to many couples. Even those with seemingly perfect lives occasionally have financial issues. They can strike at any time. They can be from the loss of a job or just an unexpected bill or unforeseen expense. You need not fear though, there might be some relief.


Make some extra money online. Try freelance writing, or even surveys. These won’t completely pay the bills, but they can help with little expenses such as groceries or gas. They can even help pay for sports uniforms or a new pair of shoes. Even if you have a steady income now, start doing these things to build a small nest egg just in case something comes up. If you do online side work all year, it will more than cover holiday expenses or even a vacation in the summer time.


Make a budget and stick to it! Most people feel the need to live way above their means. People of this generation don’t seem to remember when their parents struggled. Mostly because it wasn’t really talked about. Start small. Don’t buy the biggest house. Buy a fixer upper and work on it a little bit with each paycheck. Don’t buy the nicest vehicle, instead choose a used yet reliable option. Better to have things you can afford, rather than things that are getting repossessed.


Try online shopping. You can still buy your child the things they want. Just try online shopping sites to compare prices and also use online coupons. You can buy gaming systems online for up to $100 cheaper than at a department store.


Use coupons at the store. Spend a little time clipping and comparing. Also become a store loyalty card junkie. Store loyalty cards can save you tons of money! Even when dining out, look for a coupon. There are many sites that offer coupon codes and can save you 10% or more.


Having financial problems as a parent might seem like the end of the world. It’s really not. Just shop smart and start small. You can have everything, just at a slightly slower pace.

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