//Alternatives to Purchasing New Clothes for Your Child

Alternatives to Purchasing New Clothes for Your Child

Within a year, my daughter hit a growth spurt and outgrew not one, but 2 pairs of shoes, along with a number of outfits we had just purchased a few months ago. Sound familiar? Use these tips for getting around the expensive clothing dilemma.


Host a clothing swap

Invite some of your mom friends to meet at your place and host a swap event. The idea is to trade outgrown clothes with other parents to add to your closet without having to spend money. If you have a limited circle of friends, advertise at your child’s school or create a Facebook group. Make sure that you have a good variety of ages and sizes to effectively swap clothing.



This one is for the truly crafty, but sometimes a problem can be fixed with some DIY creativity. Can the clothes be repurposed? Turning pants that are too short into shorts or capris can turn your child’s wardrobe into a new season of clothes. If you are not part of the truly crafty group, turn to someone you might now. It might be cheaper to throw them a little cash to repurpose the clothes than to purchase brand new ones. You could also work out a deal or offer something else in return.


Use social media

Sometimes people are kind and also tired of having unused clothing sitting around. These people might be willing to simply donate their clothing to you because it gets it out of their living space. Check for Facebook groups in your local area. Even if people want to sell them, they are often sold in bundles for a low price and are usually only gently used.


Shop out of season

This can be a tough one because growth spurts can happen in the blink of an eye, but keep an eye out for out of season sales. For example, as stores prepare for the summer, there will often be sidewalk sales getting rid of fall/winter items at clearance prices. You could always buy up 1 size if you are worried about the fit.


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