//Back to Work on Your Own Terms – Try Running a Hulafrog Site!

Back to Work on Your Own Terms – Try Running a Hulafrog Site!

When my children were born, I was fortunate to be able to choose whether or not to “pause” my career and stay at home full time with them. I thoroughly enjoyed that time with my boys, and it felt like I made the right choice. As they grew older and became more independent (now 11 and 14 years old!), I volunteered at their schools, got involved in the local PTO, and maintained the freedom to be home with them when they were home from school and during the summer months.


But eventually, I really missed working. I missed earning my own money. I missed being part of a team of professionals focused on achieving work goals for a company I believed in. It was time for me to dip my toe back into the work world. But I couldn’t stand the idea of shipping my kids off to camp programs they didn’t want to go to during the summer, and giving up the flexibility to be with them when they had school vacations. Those kinds of positions are rare, unless you work for a school district.


I decided to apply for a Managing Editor position with Hulafrog, and it’s been a fantastic choice. Hulafrog is a national network of websites that serve as a resource for parents about things to do with their kids in their own local areas. As Managing Editor for West Hartford-Farmington Valley CT, I run the website by maintaining the local  event calendar, working with local advertisers to manage their advertising campaigns on the website,  sending out regular e-mailed newsletters to subscribers, and managing the site’s Facebook account. Hulafrog has a fantastic training program that teaches new Managing Editors everything they need to know to perform these activities with confidence. You’re not responsible for executing sales contracts, but the training program teaches you how to identify “warm leads” to pass to the internal sales team.


Since my starting point in this role six months ago, I can tell you this: This job is fun, and it provides marketable skills that will make anyone a more appealing candidate for future job prospects (when and if you’re ready to fully dive back  into the work world) – you’re responsible for launching and running an active website, growing subscribers, managing advertiser accounts and managing social media.


Best of all, the flexibility can’t be beat. You can run  a successful Hulafrog site with about 15-20 hours of work weekly. This job is designed for the parent who wants to schedule her work time whenever it works for her (or him! We do have some “Huladads”) – early mornings before the kids are awake, during nap times, or after everyone’s tucked into bed.


Hulafrog is actively recruiting for new Managing Editors right now. If you’re interested, learn more at this link: http://bit.ly/2aaH8d8


If you’re interested to learn more, APPLY. It could be the perfect fit for you, as it was for me!

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