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Balance work and home life: A guide for busy parents

You are patient, caring, attentive, with nearly limitless amounts of energy and love.  No, you’re not a superhero – you’re a modern day parent.

Balancing work and life at home

As a parent in 2016, you are most likely working two full-time jobs: your office job, and parenting job.  You don’t only want the best for your family, but you need it.  There is never a moment in a parent’s life where any sacrifice is too great, a type of mentality that is both blessing and curse.  The main concerns here is finding real, quality time with your family.  Not just getting home and plopping down for a quick bite and then an hour of TV before lights out.  This is the hardest, but most important aspect to keeping your family relationships strong and your work life in order.  Below are a few ways to help you get on the right track and balance work and life at home.

Balance work: Time like Tetris

Depending on the type of the job you work, this may or may not be an option for you.  If you’re searching for a job, or have a flexible work situation, then this is certainly something to consider.  Try to schedule your time in the office and your workload in a manner that will help you spend more quality time with your family.  This might mean front-loading your work to the beginning of the week (or back-loading towards the end of the week).  Either way, it’s worth a shot to see if you can work out a way to better slot in your time, à la a game of Tetris.  This, being a parent can feel more like the highest level of Tetris, where the blocks are falling at breakneck speed and you’re scrambling to piece them together.  Balance work time spent in the office and home with careful scheduling.

Balance work and home life: Find the right childcare provider

There seems to be somewhat of a stigma among some communities regarding babysitters and nannies.  This is completely insane.  The average full-time working parent simply requires outside sources of help, whether it be at a day-care or hired help. Don’t feed into the negativity of “not raising” your own kid – a proper childcare environment is incredibly beneficial for kids, as daycare provides socialization, and a good home care provider like can make positive impacts on your kids as well.  Look at sites like these for some outside help.  To may not be able to balance work and life at home without a little help.

Balance work and chores: Make it a team effort

Chores have to get done.  The more you leave, the more that pile up on the back burner until they set ablaze and burn down all of your free-time at once.  Your best bet in keeping the family bonds strong and your house in order is to make chores a team effort.  Bring your kids along with you to the store, and find ways to make it fun for them – sometimes a little ice cream goes a long way.  Whether it’s work around the house or a trip to the store, finding ways to involve the kids is the best way to turn chore time into more time.


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